Welcome to the PED203 Health Wiki


This course provides an in-depth look at the inter-relatedness of the physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental factors, which contribute to the overall quality of a person’s life. Mental health, nutrition, fitness, infectious diseases, killer diseases, addictions, relationships and communication, family living (marriage, divorce, and parenting), violence, consumerism, environmental health issues, healthy aging and death and dying are some of the topics covered. Diversity is a common theme in every topic.
Your Wiki will provide you the opportunity to share information regarding some of the topics mentioned with your classmates.

‍Instructions for how to use the wiki.

  • Each student will be assigned a health report which will be given in class.

  • You will see one of the pages created in the wiki and use the page to create your report.
  • Click the pages on the navigation menu to post enter information on the page assigned to you.

  • Each page has a topic and/or sub topic to be covered.

  • Below are 2 accepted internet sites that you may use, however, you may use other resourses.

  • The youtube below is an example of what you may add to your Wiki. This particular example is a performance by the Kings Fire Crackers, a popular jump rope group who is performaning at an Army vs. Navy Basketball game Halftime.