Date Rape Drugs
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Joey Asquini
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What are Date Rape Drugs?
Date Rape Drugs are illegal drugs that cause temporary loss of memory or impairment given to someone in order to facilitate rape or sexual abuse. They are mostly tasteless, odorless (difficult to detect) and have no known or easily administered antidotes.

Types of Drugs:
-Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) otherwise known as Roofies
-Liquid Ecstacy
-Ketamine or Special K
-Alcohol can also be considered a Date Rape Drug
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-They are drugs used to assist in sexual assault
-The drugs used are commonly known as club drugs
-Can cause seizures or even death in the people being drugged

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Side Effects of the Drug:
Some drugs produce different effects but these are the most common among all the drugs.
-Loss of consciousness
-Loss of memory
-Drunk Feeling
-Difficulty w/ motor movements
-Problems talking
-Problems seeing
-Lower blood pressure
-Stomach problems
Could Lead to Coma or Death

Preventing Date Rape

1. Keep an eye on your drink at all times during a party! Date rape drugs can be easily mixed into drinks when you're not looking.

2. If you lose sight of your drink, don't consume anymore. If anything, get a new drink.

3. Be assertive. No means no.

4. Be aware of nonverbal cues

5. Avoid excessive use of drugs and alcohol
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